The Lettuce Who Wanted A New Look


A unique plantable Children's book, finish the story, plant the pages and grow Lettuce! Where the end of the story is just the beginning.

We want to get books back into the hands of youngsters, get children back into the garden learning, while giving them the chance to meet their favourite characters. Willsow books are unique, they're made of recycled paper embedded with real lettuce seeds. Every element of the book is sustainable, from the cotton stitching that binds the book, to the vegetable-based inks used to print the illustrations. Willsow Books are one of a kind, give the gift of a story that you can truly bring to life.

Made from:

As well as lettuce seeds, our books are made from fully recyclable paper, donated from businesses and schools. The cotton we use to stitch the books is fully biodegradable. The envelopes we use to send the books in are called 'Ecolopes' as they are plastic free, recyclable and biodegradable. The inks we print with are vegetable-based.


H18.5cm x W13.5cm x 0.5cm