The Forest School Den Kit


The Forest School Den Kit is designed to encourage outdoor adventure and ingenuity; tools every child needs to explore and relish outdoors and to make their very own personal hideaway.  Hundred of hours of 'game time', thousands of possibilities-offering challenge and managed risk. Sustainable and long-lasting.


Inside this kit:

Hefty canvas haversack, camouflage netting, tough camo tarpaulin, durable groundsheet , tent pegs in a bag, real compass, insect aspirator, enamel mug, 10m of natural rope and camouflage face-paint



Packed haversack size: W30cm x D14cm x H25cm. Weight approx 2kg

Rope: approx 10m; groundsheet: approx 1.8 x 1.2m; tarpaulin: approx 2.4 x 1.8m

Tent pegs: 18cm, mallet: H 20cm diameter approx 8cm (as the mallets are handmade the diameter varies)

Camouflage netting 2x1.8m