Reception Games – 15 games to play with your child


Watch your child make rapid progress in learning with these super fun family games!

  • ·       helps children make rapid progress in education
  • ·       written by teachers and educational experts
  • ·       linked directly to reception learning curriculum
  • ·       clear explanations
  • ·       adaptations for different abilities
  • ·       download, print and play these reception activities today

Bella Learning Games (Reception) is a pack of 15 learning games to play with reception-aged children. Each game has an explanation, instructions, teaching tip and independent activity suggestion. Also included is an option to support the child if they find it challenging or stretch the child if necessary.


Written by teachers, the games focus on the key areas of early development, mirroring what is being taught in the classroom at school.


The product is not only suitable for children in Reception, but also for :

  • ·       Families with children due to start reception in September
  • ·       Families with children in Year 1 or 2 who need to consolidate the early learning goals
  • ·       Pre-schoolers with a thirst for learning!
  • ·       Home-schooled children at the beginning of their learning journey (ages 3-6)
  • ·       Children at school in countries other than the UK (ages 3-6)
  • ·       Tutors working 1:1 with children aged 3-6

Loved by parents & teachers everywhere!


Customers say:


My son gets really excited when I suggest we play a ‘Bella Game’ and enjoys coming back to them time and again’
Deputy Headteacher, Hertfordshire


‘I’ve been amazed at what my son can do and how quickly he has progressed. Great product!’
Mum, London


I know the games will continue to be invaluable, particularly whilst the schools are closed.’
Mum, Kent