Not just another set of colour flashcards! These flashcards will grow with your child teaching them not only colours and shapes but aiding pre-writing skills and letter formation.  They are wipeable and reusable too!

Toddlers first become fascinated with colours and shapes as a way of discovering the world and distinguishing items from each other.  You may not think this is important but learning colours and shapes is a fundamental milestone in your child's life as it allows them to identify similarities and differences in objects....this cognitive skill will later be used in writing as your child starts to understand that letters are effectively different shapes and also in mathematics as they are required to problem solve.


All of our flashcards have been designed to provide multi-purpose learning. This not only offers parents greater value for money but more importantly ensures our products will grow with your child enabling them to move onto a more difficult phase of learning when they are ready.

Our 'Colours + Shapes Flashcards' encompass the following areas of learning:

  • Colour recognition

  • Shape recognition

  • Letter formation

  • Learn to write

  • Fine motor skills /pen control

  • You can even use them to play games...for example ask your child to pick a card and then find an object of that colour or shape.


  • 10 flashcards

  • Double sided

  • A6 in size

  • Made from 350gsm card stock

  • Rounded corners for safety

  • Approved by primary school teachers

  • Great reviews by parents 

  • Follow the EYFS and KS1 curriculum

  • Wipeable/Reusable

  • Tested by my own two children to ensure they are fun and engaging!