CARDDIES MY FAMILY Colour and Play Set


Carddies My Family contains 4 adults, 4 children, 2 babies, a pet dog and cat, as well as a garden playscene for colouring in and pretend play. This rainbow set allows more children to colour in and personalise their own family (whether foster/adoptive parents, straight coupled, same sex, LGBT, single parents, etc).

Children have fun recreating their own family, or an imaginary family and friends, with the Carddies, and use characters to explain to friends and family how special their family is. 

(Note that Carddies My Family is a combination/extension of our existing Carddies Family One and Carddies Family Two sets, with some overlap, so please check with Carddies Limited (seller) by using the Contact form before you buy Carddies My Family if you already have Family One and/or Family Two)



– 12 double sided Card People

– 1 hand-drawn double-sided card scene/naming card

– 12 high quality colouring pencils

– 12 plastic stands


CHOKING HAZARD: Carddies are not suitable for children under three years due to small parts

SHIPPING- UK only: 5 to 7 working days (Carddies will consider selling outside the UK on a case by case basis; please contact us to discuss)


£2 per Delivery for Mama Brown customers in the UK