Big Ideas For Young Thinkers


Big Ideas For Young Thinkers : 20 Questions About Life & The Universe teaches children to think critically and discuss ideas in a world that needs bright young minds. Author Jamia Wilson explores the difficult questions kids may ask by relating them to real-life examples and introducing children to a diverse range of thinkers and inspirational people.

The chapters are arranged into five sections: Identity, Life, Truth, Culture, and Creativity, and children are invited to choose one question or page to explore and discuss at a time.

Questions include:

Who am I? 
What is race?
What is gender?
What happens when we die?
What is right and wrong?
What is freedom?
What is justice?
What is memory?


The book includes a manifesto for talking to your children about difficult topics and managing disagreements, a glossary of terms, a timeline of key thinkers and an index of themes. This is a multi-layered book aged at children age 8 and above which will be explored and enjoyed again and again.