A Year Of Nature Poems


'The leaves were piled bonfire high – whizzing russets, shooting oranges, exploding yellows that she scooped in armfuls and cascaded over me in a dry-leaf firework display of love.'



This beautifully illustrated portrait of one year in nature is put together by award-winning poet Joseph Coelho, with each month reflected in a poem. 


Each of the 12 poems is paired with a few observations about the month – the daffodils of March, the apples of August, the leaf fall of October – and is illustrated with rich, beautiful images by Kelly Louise Judd. 


Through poetry and nature, this book encourages children and adults to explore themes such as climate change and diversity whilst the poems themselves often hover around more personal childhood memories, some celebratory and others more sombre.


This book is fuel for creative children who want to channel their own emotions into writing, inspired by the variety in the world around them. It reassuringly shows that emotions come and go, just like the seasons – and the bad times always pass to make way for the good. The Language is beautiful yet powerful, making it a wonderful gift for children of any age but particularly charming reading material for those aged 9+.


Joseph Coelho is an award-winning children's author, performance poet and playwright based in London. His debut poetry collection, Werewolf Club Rules, was the 2015 winner of the CLPE CLiPPA Poetry Award and he features in the BBC Teach 'Understanding Poetry' online series. Through poetry and performance he aims to inspire young people with stories and characters they can recognise.