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Mama Brown & Co is your permission to have more fun as a parent. Come on in to play, get creative, and free the big kid inside – no matter how tired you are!

Hi, I’m Kat Brown. A mum of 2 young boys passionate about finding the balance between work and play – with a big emphasis on the PLAY! Not only is play crucial to our child’s learning and development, it’s great for wellbeing – theirs and ours.

Yet, with so many responsibilities tugging at us adults, I know it's easy to find ourselves stuck in the exhaustion of keeping little people alive and keeping everything else together…

Don't let adult life fool you! There’s fun to be had with your family even after just 4 hours sleep. Honest. 

Mama Brown & Co is my invitation for you to join me and other parents making playful parenting work (as best we can). Expect encouragement, inspiration, support, and a side of silliness mixed in.

No striving for perfection here.

While I’ve always wanted to be a parent who shows their children adults can be fun too, it turns out it can be hard work thinking up playful things to do when you’re functioning on minimal sleep and your growing to-do list is taking up head space…  But I don’t want that to stop us. Which is why I was determined to do something about it for like-minded parents facing the same challenges.

With a background in the publishing industry (working with luxury publications like ELLE and Harper’s Bazaar) I know how powerful a mix of great content and wonderful products can be in inspiring those looking for more from their day-to-day.

There’s a real relief that comes from flicking (or scrolling) through a magazine and discovering people and brands who ‘get you’. Particularly when you’re a parent doing it in the rare moments snatched to regain your sanity.

Mama Brown & Co was created to be the online magazine, marketplace and network to provide that same relief and connection for other parents who want more fun from parenthood. Parents like you who want to help your children learn and thrive without pressure.

We’re here to bring together parents, contributors, brands – and children - to offer playful, practical inspiration that will add more to family life.

Welcome! You’re in good company.

Kat x