5 Fun Father's Day Gifts Ideas

5 Fun Father's Day Gifts Ideas

5 Fun Father's Day Gifts Ideas

With Father's Day just around the corner, now is the time when mums and minis try to find the perfect gift to show their Daddy, Grandad or father figure just how much they mean to them. This year, we have decided to ditch the aftershave gift pack in our house and get Papa Brown a playful present that celebrates Daddy 'the playmate'! Who's with us?

We have rounded up our favourite gift ideas below which are sure to inject some fun into your Father's Day weekend and encourage some paternal playtime with the kids (who knows, they might even buy you enough time to finish a hot cup of tea..on your marks, get set...!) 


Daddy the Adventurer

Whether outdoors or in, every Dad can channel their inner Jack Sparrow with the Pirate Den Kit, complete with camo cover, ground sheet, rope, mallet, face paints and pirate flag... ahoy me hearties!

Daddy the Superhero

Create your own Daddy & mini team of planet-saving superheroes with our Caped Crusader craft kits. Each kit contains a felt cape, superhero cuffs and decorations to customise your costume. Simply add a note at Checkout with your names (e.g. Daddy, Louis) and the correct letters will be included in your kit.

Daddy the Playmate

Get inspired to play with A Year Of Play gift box full of fun activity prompts. Choose from laying a treasure trail using sticks or drawing portraits of one another. What's more, you can personalise the box with your child and Daddy's names as an extra special Father's Day surprise!

Thoughtful Daddy

Ten Little Wishes is a unique gift designed by 2 mums to bring the 'thought' back to gifting. Each gift box contains 10 box envelopes, each with a different worded sentiment on the spine such as 'A Promise' or 'A Joke'. The little ones can then choose something to put in each one to remind their Daddy of moments in time and tell him or cherished keepsakes.

Daddy the Social Butterfly

Who else's partner is reeeeeally missing his favourite pub?! If their Daddy is counting the days until he can share a pint with his pals, we love this Oldest Pubs Of London print from Mama Brown & Co seller Rebsville. Help him plan his post lockdown pub tour or scout out some venues in preparation for your next date night. Plus it looks really cute on the man cave wall...win win! You can also find our collection of Rebsville prints in the Decor section of our store, including the new FAMILY print and HOME print.


For more gift ideas visit our store and check out our new gift edits section filtered by age and occasion. Discover our homemade Father's Day card crafts for the kids here, from superhero symbols to Discover our list of play ideas to entertain you and the family this Father's Day weekend.