5 Ways To Support Your Children Starting School

5 Ways To Support Your Children Starting School

5 Ways To Support Your Children Starting School

Starting a new school is a big deal! Reception marks the beginning of a new life stage and with it often comes a new routine, setting and social circle. It can understandably be an overwhelming time for children (and parents!) but there are some things you as parents can do to help get your children ready for school.

We spoke to Annabel from Bella Learning Games and found out her top tips for preparing and supporting your little ones before and through the first weeks of primary school.

Read and Play Schools

Read and discuss books with them about starting school, you can find a great selection on Ivy's Library. Play schools by encouraging them to set up teddies or play with siblings and act out the different roles to help them become more familiar with different classroom scenarios.

Let Them Get Dressed

Encourage them to dress and undress themselves independently. This will help them to learn how to put on their PE kit at school and will build their confidence. Try to be patient, it may be a slow process at first but they will get there!

Practice Table Skills

Encourage them to eat and feed themselves independently. Try offering a choice of fruit when it's snacktime at home which is similar to what they will have in school. Practice and encourage them to hold and use cutlery and talk about good table manners. Reward them with praise when they do it well!

Play Learning Games

Play some fun learning games with them at home to get their little minds warmed up for learning at school, we love Bella Learning who have created games packs for Reception, Year 1 and Year 2. Practice skills such as turn-taking and resilience when you play at home.

Build Their Confidence

Help them to build up their confidence in articulating what they need. Encourage them to tell you if they are thirsty, hungry or need to use the toilet and ask them to explain how they are feeling so they can communicate their emotions to the teacher.

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