How To Transition From Homeschool To ‘Back To School’

How To Transition From Homeschool To ‘Back To School’

How To Transition From Homeschool To ‘Back To School’

Wow. As schools begin to re-open fully, and the start of lockdown is finally starting to feel like a lifetime away, it’s surreal to look back on the year and know we’ve survived months of homeschooling! Who could have guessed that would have been on the agenda for the year?!

Whether there was lots you loved about life without school, or you were desperate to get your family back to some ‘normality’, here are our top tips on helping you support your kids through the first weeks of ‘real school’ as we get adjust to a kind of new normal.

Find out what has changed

School isn’t going to be quite the same as when your kids left it. And just how much your child’s day-to-day differs will depend on the individual setting. Take time to talk to their teachers and find out what your child’s new school routine looks like.

Things you might want to find out about include:

  • What does the classroom look like?
  • Is their school routine different (no assemblies, different play area etc.)?
  • Which friends are they mixing with?
  • Are there any new rules? 

The more detail you can get, the easier it will be to ease any anxieties for your children.

Chat to your kids

Now you know what to expect, have a chat to your child. Make it a nice occasion. Maybe a relaxed chat over cake? Talk to them about their experience at school and ask them how they’re feeling about it all. Do they have any worries?

You could also reflect on the time you had together ‘homeschooling’. What did they like about it and are there any elements you can try to keep in your routine before and after school?


This is still an uncertain time for our kids (and us!) so it’s natural if they have questions, worries or simply lots of confusing emotions! Be there to listen. It’s OK not to offer a fix but let them know it’s safe for them to express all that’s going on for them through this transition. Perhaps encourage them to write down their feelings in a journal to help them better understand them.

Up the silliness

Laughter really is the best medicine! Which means if you can muster the energy, more playful moments (which bring on the giggles) will help your kids let off built-up stress without as many meltdowns. Phew!

Fill up your own cup

Lockdown life has been challenging to say the least and you need a rest, Mama! But before we know it, we’re back to the strains of the school routine of early mornings, extra laundry and getting homework done before bedtime. If you can, take time to ‘fill up your own cup’, so you are re-energised. Whether it’s an extra-long bath, a walk without the kids or just half an hour to read a book while they watch TV... Pause and do something for you.

Add in more play

It’s totally OK if you’re absolutely knackered and can do nothing more than pop on the TV and sit with them for a cuddle! But, if you do have a few energy reserves, add in more quality play time with your kids. Connection through play helps our children feel safe and valued, lowering their stress levels, and helping them stay present rather than lost in their nerves.


Have you found this helpful? Share it with other parents now and help give their back-to-school transition a confidence boost.. We’ve got this! record bookjournal

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