10 Playful Ways To Reset Your Mood While Parenting

10 Playful Ways To Reset Your Mood While Parenting

10 Playful Ways To Reset Your Mood While Parenting

Parenting is a rollercoaster of emotions... and some days it’s easy to find ourselves an overwhelmed, frustrated, grump! When those moments strike, here are 10 playful ways to reset your mood:

Hit the music

When life is busy it’s easy to forget how quickly a good tune can lift your mood! Next time you’re feeling frazzled, play one of your favourite songs and have a dance party or simply sit and give yourself a few minutes break to soak it up.

Wear something silly

It’s hard to take someone seriously when they’ve got a pair of pants on their head or they’ve walked into the room wearing a rubber ring around their waist... If you know things have got a bit grouchy, try adding something strange to your outfit and see how your family reacts.

Put on a funny voice

Another easy way to bring a dose of silly to your day and rid frustration? Try putting on a silly voice. It will either raise a smile from your children or have them begging that you’ll stop immediately... but either way it will help you shift into a lighter head space.

Have a tantrum

Take a leaf from the toddler’s survival manual and try throwing a playful tantrum. Lie back on your bed, kick your legs, whinge, moan, whail... let it all out (like they do) and give your kids a giggle in the process.

Hold a pillow fight

Bring some rough and tumble to your day with an impromptu family pillow fight. It’s the sort of play that requires very little brain power and lets you safely offload some of that built up stress...

Copy your kids

If your energy is low, watch your children for inspiration then shake off your adult ways and do what they do! Jump up and down. Skip across the room. Spin when they spin. Who knows what will happen but it’s likely to be fun.

Blow bubbles

Intentional breathing is a well-known mindful technique when you need to calm your body and mind. If you’re parenting, pause and make it playful with a pot of bubbles!

Ask to play

Our children crave playtime with us grown-ups. Which, for most parents, is no easy feat when life is full of other things to worry about! Next time you’re feeling stressed, consider taking time out to fully engage in play with your kids even for a short burst and see how excited they get when you ask them to join unexpectedly.

Get down on the floor

If you really don’t feel like playing, try getting down on your child’s level by sitting or kneeling on the floor and being closer while they play. Put down the phone and watch them for 5-10 minutes. They’ll be delighted you feel more involved with their game, even if you’re not actually taking part.

Bring the novelty factor

Bringing out something fun and ‘new’ rarely fails to lift spirits around here! You can browse our range of playful products for lots of fun treats but keeping toys on rotation so less played with toys become like new again can be just as effective and give you a break!

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