Mama Brown Meets... Ruth Sturdy, founder of the Book Of You

Mama Brown Meets... Ruth Sturdy, founder of the Book Of You

Mama Brown Meets... Ruth Sturdy, founder of the Book Of You

Ruth and I met at my first trade show before launching Mama Brown & Co. We immediately bonded as we both found ourselves at the start of our business journeys. 

Since then her incredible childhood record book, The Book Of You has been bought and loved by many of our families so it seemed a good time to find out a little more about how she came to found her brand, Colour Chronicles, and how she juggles being mama and building a business.


MB: Ruth, tell us about your business... what was your motivation for creating The Book Of You?

The Book of You is a beautiful and modern childhood journal which is unique because it has prompts for the child as well as the parent.

I loved filling out the baby books for my two and wanted to carry on noting everything down as they got older. I found some sweet childhood record books which I loved filling out each year around their birthdays. However, when my daughter turned three, I thought it was a shame there was nowhere for her to have an input, so I asked her a series of questions and jotted down the answers which were both adorable and hilarious! I looked for a book that had prompts for both the child and their grown up but couldn’t find one so decided to launch Colour Chronicles and make one of my own. 

I teamed up with a brilliant designer and together we created The Book of You. It’s a charming book, designed to prompt positivity and affection which builds in to a lasting treasury to be looked back on and jog happy memories of childhood. It goes from age one right through to sixteen and ends with predictions for the future and a note to their future self. 

MB: How has life changed since you became a parent?

Being a parent is all encompassing, especially in those early months. We desperately wanted children as soon as we were married but it wasn’t the smoothest path, so when they came along, our lives had already changed. You cannot predict how you will feel. I know I was lucky whereby I felt that I had found my groove immediately and loved my maternity leave. I had the best NCT group who were all so supportive and such good fun.

MB: What tip would you give other parents?

You have to remember the mantra ‘it’s only a phase’! Everything is a phase.

MB: What do you wish people had told you before having children?

To enjoy the plane journey as well as the holiday!

MB: How have you found going from a mama of 1 to mama of 2?

There’s only an eighteen month age gap between mine so going from one to two was full on. The first six months were especially hard but from then on, the payback has been immense.

MB: As a mum of 2 boys I’m intrigued as to whether having a girl would be any different. Have you found any differences in how you parent your daughter and your son?

Yes! I feel completely differently about them, no more or less but it is different and was from the get go. They are so different in themselves in so many ways. I thought my girl was hectic but I had no idea how much more energy was to come when my son got going.! It could be because he’s the youngest too, not just that he’s a boy. Their minds are so different too, watching how they play with the same toy so differently is fascinating.

MB: Now for the quick fire round, finish these sentences...

I feel most like a grown up when... I’m preparing party food for one of my children’s birthdays! It’s such a mum thing to do.

I feel most like a child when... I’m playing on the swings with my kids at the park, it’s so freeing and so much fun.

My happy place is... at home! I love our home and our lives. I am thankful every day.

I want to scream into a pillow when the kids suggest playing... tip every toy out on to the floor. NB. it’s never just suggested!!


Find out how Ruth juggles an average day squeezing post office runs between pre school pick ups in her A Day In The Life feature in the magazine. Shop The Book Of You - a record of childhood in the marketplace. Let us know what you thought of the article by using our Contact Us page or getting in touch on Instagram or Facebook.