A Day In The Life Of... Ruth from The Book of You

A Day In The Life Of... Ruth from The Book of You

A Day In The Life Of... Ruth from The Book of You

Squeezing post office runs between pre-school pick ups and trade shows around family time with her two young children, Ruth Sturdy founder of the Book Of You shares a typical day as she juggles founding her business with family life.

Wake-Up Call

I usually get woken up with ‘Mummy where are you?’ coming from the landing and then my two come in for a wriggly cuddle in bed before we head downstairs and leave my husband to take his time coming to. There are a few mornings when I wake up first, have a blissful coffee to myself and even manage to get some work done or get ready before everyone wakes up.

"I am able to get ready with only the occasional referee like shout coming from the shower"

I have two pre-schoolers and they are brilliant at entertaining each other so I am able to get ready with only the occasional referee like shout coming from the shower. Our go to breakfast is beans on toast, keeps everyone happy and holds off the requests for snacks until at least 9am!

From 9ish until 5ish

I am full time mummy for three days of the week, they go to nursery for two and then we enjoy the weekends as a family. We do a few classes - swimming, football, and some other drops ins. We still have an afternoon NCT get together every week and other playdates but we always leave one day a week with no plans and make a day of it, I’m trying to enjoy as much of them as possible before they start school.

I try to get all my work done on the two days I have but going to the post office to send out orders is usually worked into our day and, of course, there are times when I need to get things done straight away so I set them up with something to do and take the time I need. Having children means that I need to work around them and I am lucky that I am able to do that.

Evening Routine

Evenings in our house have looked the same since the children came along. Supper at 5pm, bath at 6pm and then aim for bed at 7pm. My husband loves to do bath time and we’re very lucky that he gets home to do it most nights.

During the week, I do some evening exercise classes and my husband likes to play tennis but we have some nights where we chill out and watch the tv. We both have our own businesses so there are many nights when one or both of us needs to catching up on things we haven’t been able to do during the day.

The Weekend

We have the weekends as a family and have diarised one weekend a month where we make sure we don’t go away as we found our weekends were all being booked up and we craved some time with just the four of us having days out from home.

It’s on this weekend that we’ll always have a Sunday roast together which is lovely and it’s so nice for my husband and I to have eaten already when the kids are asleep. Small luxuries but it makes the evening seem lovely and long. We rarely do any work at the weekend unless I have a show. We also use the weekends to spend time with friends and family and usually have at least one night out or friends round for dinner.

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