A Day In The Life Of... Rosie Meringue

A Day In The Life Of... Rosie Meringue

A Day In The Life Of... Rosie Meringue

As mama to two lively little ones, a third on the way and side-hustle queen, a day in the life of Rosie China is certainly busy! Read on to find out how she juggles work & family life, and keeps all the plates spinning.

Wake-Up Call.

I am generally woken up between 5 and 6am by one of the boys and once one of them is awake the other is sure to follow. They then join us in our room but they aren't allowed to get up until 7am. Once 7am hits we head down to breakfast and all have shreddies or cheerios together. I end up scoffing mine while trying to stop Jasper running about and Herbie from trying to throw it all on the floor or climb out the highchair. I then tidy up all the mess all over the floor and we head up for a shower and to get ready for the day ahead.

From 9ish to 5ish.

I manage to get one day to work a week without any children and this is an absolute godsend! Herbie has just started going to a nanny one day and Jasper goes to preschool 3 days a week. The day I have no children I head to the workshop as soon as I can and spend the day cutting, sanding and packing up any orders from the week before. It's amazing how quickly the preschool run comes around though. The days with just Herbie I try to do a bit of work around him as well all the general household chores and life admin.

I get one valuable 1.5h nap a day where I try to do any admin thats build up or prepare files for cutting, although I do now try to squeeze in a sneeky short nap if I'm feeling exhausted as with baby number 3 coming in January I'm definitely getting more tired as the day goes on. The other day I try to focus on him with less work and we see friends or go to a playgroup. The days when I have both I get nothing done as they are both still so young so I focus on them.

I love being able to spend so much time with the boys in the day but I also love that one day without them being able to focus on work and not nap and feed times. I feel like a proper adult for a few hours. It makes it all worth it though when you get orders coming in. My most memorable work moment with Rosie Meringue was getting a £310 order from one customer, I couldn't believe it!

Evening Routine. 

We normally eat between 4 and 5pm, they love cheesy pasta which is the emergency go to, however I like to try to give them some meat and veg if possible (they refuse any type of potato) Herbie loves his veg but Jasper isn't so sure. I use to hide all veg for him to get him to eat it but now if he doesn't eat it he isn't allowed any pudding, and that seems to be working really well for him.

My husband is also self employed and works long hours, but thankfully only 10 minutes away so regularly tries to come home for the boys dinner time or for bedtime which is lovely. After they have eaten I leave the dinner mess to clean up till they have gone to bed so we head straight up to the bath. They then get wrestled in to their nappies and pjs and we then head down to watch tv and play before bed. Bedtime is usually around 6.20pm.

Work from home.

Once they are in bed and asleep I head down and clean up from dinner, do the dishwasher, washing and cook dinner for us. I then finally get time to sit down to work. The only time I really get to work is in the evenings or the 1 day both are in childcare, whether this is Rosie Meringue work, Freelance Graphic Design work or general life admin. I then work solidly from 8ish until midnight depending how tired I am from the day.

Some nights if I have lots of cutting to do I'll head to the workshop when my husband gets home and try to get in a few hours of cutting and sanding before it gets too late. I'm very lucky in the fact that me and my husband both have workshops over at my parents farm which is 10 minutes away, so getting there to work is nice and easy. And if there's a night when we both really need to work we put the boys to bed at my parents then transfer them to the car to come home when we have finished working.

I would love to just have a bath and chill on the sofa especially now my due date for no 3 isn't far away but theres always so much to do. Maybe one day we will get a night off, but I also love doing what I do and having the ability to work around the boys so maybe not!


The Weekend. 

Weekends are usually quite similar to the weekdays where I have both boys and are focused on them, again my husband usually works weekends too as he's so busy with work too. If the boys are getting restless we normally head over to my parents farm. Jasper loves to just run about and dig with his diggers in all the mud.

They both absolutely adore my mum and would head over there everyday if they were allowed. It also means we get to pop in to say hi to dad in his workshop. If we can't go over to the farm we just get outside to the park or beach and blow the cobwebs away.

There is very little time for me time at the moment with work and the boys, and this is something I want to change but don't see it happening for a little while. Although I could not get through the week without some sweet treat to keep my energy levels up and this baby definitely craves sweet stuff, oh and also pre-school for Jasper, that definitely saves my sanity as he's such a livewire...!

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