A Day In The Life of... Kristal from Sparklechild

A Day In The Life of... Kristal from Sparklechild

A Day In The Life of... Kristal from Sparklechild

Getting the children to school by morning, making sparkling play accessories and providing Instagram Story gold by day – Kristal shares a whirlwind day in the life as the founder of Sparklechild.

Wake-Up Call.

The day usually starts around 7am when the minis are getting ready for school. The school run is the first thing we do and the two hours before school starts is all about getting them to where they need to be on time. I drink a glass of Kaffir, good bacteria, and chuck down a handful of nuts and half an apple from the tree in the garden.

The usual fun family stuff happens - rice crispies go on the floor, a shoe is lost, the keys are behind the sofa, and I forgot to sign the form for the school trip! The kids go to school 5 minutes from the house so the cardio sprint from here to there usually happens at around 8.59am..

From 9ish until 5ish.

I start work properly when the children are safely delivered to school and the house vaguely resembles a place that I want to work. The studio is in the house so a sense of order and calm is important to filling the space with sparkle, music, and coffee. Three times a week I scoot to a workout at @wearepopfit before heading back to light a candle and start work. I check in on emails and the website and get to work making sparkle!

My colleague Sofia turns up around midday and the music goes on and gets louder as the afternoon progresses, the glue gets stronger (we use strong glue in our work) and we chat and dance whilst making orders and business planning. The children return from school around 3.30pm when Sofia and I work against the tuneful backdrop of 'i'm hungry' or 'he took my lego'. I then finish working at 5pm when the kitchen opens and family stuff takes over.  

The Evening Shift.

The evenings are spent doing creative projects, helping with homework or building dens. The children get a homework challenge card with about 15 different things that they can choose to do and I get quite excited when I see it. This term one is learning about Volcanoes and the other is learning about the Great Fire of London. Imagine! We'll all get involved in learning about these topics. We'll browse the internet together, draw pictures, make up stories, and they'll argue over who gets to sit next to mummy.

Because the studio is in the house the minis have access to a lot of art and craft supplies and they know how to use most of the materials.  It's normal for their homework pieces to have some sparkle on them!


...are a family affair, both in the planning, preparation of food and the table, and then the sitting down together at the table. We have a no toy or phone rule at the table which helps us all stay focused on each other and what we are eating. I plan the menu for the week and everyone gets a say in what they would like to have that week. We look at recipes books like Ottelenghi or Hemsley & Hemsley and get ideas for new yummies. Sometimes they work and other times we all agree its a bit yuk, but we are all learning to be more adventurous particularly as we are trying to eat seasonal and UK-grown fruit and veg.     

We have some fabulous shops locally where we recently got three different types of beetroot at the request of our 7 year old and we made a crunchy beetroot salad, but we are a little sad that we've cut back on bananas. 

I feel that we do things a little later than most families, with the kids finally getting to sleep at 9pm. It's lights out at 8pm but there is a lot of chatter and lights appearing at the top of the stairs as they sneak between rooms attempting to retrieve toys that have been borrowed!  Once they are sorted hubby and I might carry on working or just go to sleep.

The Weekend.

The weekends are our lazy time...except they never are! We make the very most of London visiting galleries and museums, walks in the forest, or visiting friends and family. We have the usual various kids activities and fitness bits to squeeze in and often a trip to our local Broadway Market for yummy things.

I do sometimes nip into the studio to fill my creative needs or check in on the old social media, but I'm getting much better at not doing that and taking a proper break.

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