A Day In The Life of... Kat 'Mama' Brown

A Day In The Life of... Kat 'Mama' Brown

A Day In The Life of... Kat 'Mama' Brown

Squeezing in the school run and music classes with my 3 year old around running Mama Brown & Co from my dining table – life is never dull (or quiet!) Read on as I walk you through a typical day in the Brown household.

Wake-Up Call.

The day usually starts around 7am, my eldest son Louis has always been an early riser so is generally awake between 6am & 6:30am but can be persuaded to read or play in the toy room until the rest of us have come round. The minis have breakfast - usually Weetabix and banana - and say a quick goodbye to Daddy before getting ready. We leave the house around 8:30am and fortunately my youngest Max now loves going to a Montessori pre-school right opposite his brother's primary school so drop off is fairly quick and painless!

I usually come straight home and have poached eggs in peace or, if I'm feeling energetic, I'll throw down a banana and go for a run (quickly...before I change my mind!) I've never been a gym bunny but love getting out for a run, I find it really clears my head and I'll always listen to a podcast while I'm running - I always love to catch Sam Burgess talk all things small biz Small & Mighty Conversations or Pandora Sykes & Dolly Alderton on The High Low.

From 9ish until 5ish.

I work from my dining room at home so, after a little procrastination - usually in the form of a phone call to my mum! - I settle down at my laptop. I set up a little desk in the corner of the room but still quite like sitting at the dining table as it's a brighter space and has a fab view of the garden, where I can daydream of the garden room office I will one day have to escape to!

If I'm feeling anxious or overwhelmed by my to do list ... or if I've had some good news like a new brand or contributor coming on board I crank up the music on and can often be found dancing (badly!) around the kitchen. I used to work in magazines where we were in an office full of chat and activity in the middle of Soho, so it can get a little lonely as a team of one.

I try to go along to an event a couple of times a month for one of the networks of mums and women in business I'm part of like Mothers Meeting or Mama Tribe. The inspiration and drive you come away with after being in a room full of fabulous women cheering you on for a couple of hours is incredible...we often talk about how motivated we would be if we all lived on one big commune!


On Thursdays I have my youngest son at home with me so I try to keep the day work-free. We do a music class in the morning and then have some free time in the afternoon to play. He loves animals and vehicles, and we're trying to use our play to also teach him his colours and numbers. He is an August baby so will start school next September (despite very much still feeling like the baby of the family) so I want to do as much as I can to make that transition as easy for him as possible. He'll probably be absolutely fine with his big brother...no doubt I'll be the one who needs the hug and a shoulder to cry on!

Mama Day.

The Evening Shift.

Early evenings are a whirlwind of after school clubs at the moment...multi-sports, lego club, cooking, swimming, drama...you name it we've signed up to it! We try and do his reading practice and homework at the weekend or in the morning to avoid any tired arguments after dinner. 

My husband often gets home after the minis are in bed so we'll have dinner together and watch some TV while we share the ups and downs of our day...I say we, I tend to talk while he listens! 

The Weekend.

At the weekends I usually want to go out for the day (having been at home during the week) while my husband is the opposite and longs to chill out at the house...so we try to do a balance of the two. Having moved to Kent around 4 years ago from South West London, we are enjoying being closer to the countryside and often take advantage of the National Trust woodland close to our house, taking the boys on their bikes or for a walk. They start enthusiastically but it undoubtedly finishes with us carrying two bikes and at least one child...thankfully there's a few nice country pubs at the other end to get our breath back! 

On a chill out day the boys will often be found constructing a rocket launcher out of the contents of the craft and recycling boxes, or playing in the garden (whatever the weather...). If we're feeling more adventurous we sometimes make the trip into London on the train, the youngest mini would be happy enough with the train ride but our eldest loves to visit the Sea Life Centre and the Science Museum and I like to try and take them to a West End show around Christmas and make the most of living so close. We also like to visit family and often entertain friends in the evenings, where the boys will dress up as a ringmaster and put on their best Greatest Showman performance while we eat, drink and enjoy the show!


The juggle is real for all of us, we'd love to hear how you do it! Head over to our contributor's page to apply to share your 'Day in the Life' or let us know whose Day In The Life you'd like to see - we'll see if we can feature them.