5 Ways To Win World Book Day (at the eleventh hour!)

5 Ways To Win World Book Day (at the eleventh hour!)

5 Ways To Win World Book Day (at the eleventh hour!)

Still not sorted a World Book Day costume? Don’t panic! Simply check out our last minute outfit ideas below which, when finished with some easy accessories, will make sure your mini gets into their favourite character in time for the class Zoom!


Room On The Broom, The Worst Witch

Grab an old Halloween costume, collect some sticks from the garden or local woods and a ball of string to tie together and make your broom, and make yourself a star wand by cutting a star shape out of cardboard, painting it yellow or gold & adding glitter (if you dare!) and gluing or sticking to two together with blue tac to finish your look as the witch. Cut open a black tie handle bin liner to create a cape and alakazam, alakazoom, you have your very own Witch costume!


Gangsta Granny

To recreate David Walliams’ iconic silver haired thief, pair a black skirt with a granny style blouse (try borrowing one from your real life Granny!) Brush talc powder or silver spray into their hair to give the grey effect and complete the transformation with a DIY bandit mask by cutting holes in some old black tights or fabric. Throw a hessian sack onto their shoulder with some balled up newspaper inside and you’re good to go…just leave some space for the crown jewels!


Room On The Broom Witch              The Worst Witch Mildred Hubble    Gangsta Granny David Walliams

She’s Not Good For A Girl, She’s Just Good

This one is super easy, and who better to bring to life for World Book Day than our favourite heroine Florence! Curl their hair, don a stripy dress & trainers and send them off to school with everyone's favourite story under their arm, right before they show everyone who’s boss in P.E.


Where The Wild Things Are

Dig out some white pyjamas or a white onesie and tuck in or sew on a dark coloured scarf as a tail and you have your very own Max costume. Finish the look by adding a gold crown from the dress up box or cut one out of cardboard and glue together.


Captain Underpants

Given World Book Day falls in March I would suggest wearing this costume over their clothes (unless they are feeling very brave…and don’t feel the cold!) A pair of large white men’s Y-fronts and craft your own personalised red cape and your mini has transformed into everyone’s favourite superhero.


She's Not Good For A Girl She's Just Good Florence      Where The Wild Things Are Max       Captain Underpants


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