5 Ways To Plan A Pandemic Kids Party

5 Ways To Plan A Pandemic Kids Party

5 Ways To Plan A Pandemic Kids Party

With the current climate making the usual children's parties somewhat challenging, thinking of ways to keep the fun alive and celebrate your child's birthday can be pretty tough at the moment.

Never fear, we've pulled together our pick of the best ways to celebrate a mini birthday in 2020, which will all boost the fun factor and make your little one's pandemic party pop!


Get Creative

With a smaller team of party goers there are plenty more 'messy' activities you might be brave enough to let them try... it is their birthday after all! Making bath bombs, baking, painting pottery, printing t-shirts, or mixing slime are all fun activities which work well with a small group of children and have the bonus of creating a ready made party bag gift all rolled into one. We love Paper Town's selection of plastic free party craft kits to suit every theme, from superhero pencil toppers, to unicorn headbands and rainbow banners.


Camp In

With the seasons changing and the temperature dropping you're a braver parent than us if you still fancy braving a tent. However, why not invite a friend or 2 for a sleepover and camp inside instead. Try making a couple of dens for them to sleep in - even if they're in their bedroom it's so much more fun than sleeping in bed right?! Alternatively you could ask each party guest to bring a small pop up tent if they have one to create a living room festival, or if it's a special sibling birthday we love The Sleepover Party People who deliver everything to your door and take all the stress out of it so you can simply sit back, relax and listen to the squeals!


Princesses & Superheroes

Was your little one hoping for a superhero or princess birthday party this year?Never fear because for just £20 you can order a personal video message from their favourite character, complete with costume and green screen background. My Superstar offer video messages scripted especially by you for your child, from  the likes of Spiderman and Elsa to be watched on their birthday. Once recorded and edited the video file link will be sent to you so you can choose when to watch it and repeat it over and over again!


Virtual Fun

Alternatively why not power up the laptop or smart TV, share a Zoom link and have yourselves some virtual fun. You could have a cinema party at home on your computer thanks to the clever people at Netflix Party and all watch the same movie at exactly the same time, popcorn and all. Or perhaps you'd prefer to put your feet up and hire a party expert like Sharkey & George who offer everything from virtual magic parties to virtual mystery adventures. If, however, you decide to plan your own fun here are some of Mama Brown & Co's favourite game ideas...

  • Musical statues; everyone on mute except the birthday host whose grown up is in charge of the music
  • Treasure Hunt; choose specific objects party goers have to find around their house or categories such as 'something you can eat' and the quickest to get back to the Zoom with the correct object wins
  • Charades
    • Name, Place, Animal, Thing; pick a letter and each player has to list a famous person's name, a place, an animal, and a thing that begins with that letter - the first person to type them into the Zoom chat wins


    Day Trippin'

    Don't underestimate the fun you could have as a family by planning a day trip. Lots of attractions have re-opened post lockdown with strict measures in place to keep us safe and they will no doubt appreciate your support more than ever before. Try a visit to your nearest zoo, National Trust site, beach, theme park or swimming pool. It's so long since we were able to enjoy these little luxuries you might be surprised how much fun you ALL have when you down your grown up tools and let out your inner child. Just remember to book in advance where necessary, do your research (e.g. are changing rooms or toilets accessible... if not don't forget the potty!) and pack the appropriate equipment (e.g. in some areas of the zoo children may need to wear masks)...oh, and HAVE FUN!


    We would love to hear if you tried any of these ideas out and how your children enjoyed their pandemic party! Do share your party experiences with us over on Instagram @mamabrownandco or via our Contact section on our website. 

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