5 Ways To Have A Playful Easter With The Kids

5 Ways To Have A Playful Easter With The Kids

5 Ways To Have A Playful Easter With The Kids

Easter is just around the corner and we have dug through our craft drawer and our pile of play ideas to bring you some of our favourite ways to get creative with the kids this Spring.

From mindful crafts to boredom busting games the whole family can get involved in, we've got your Easter holidays covered. Hoppy Playing!


1. DIY Easter Tree

Nothing looks prettier than an Easter tree sitting as the centre piece in your festive table, but with the shops unfortunately still closed we decided to make our own!

Forage for sticks in your garden, a local park or woodland and arrange them in a vase or glass jar. Then, get crafty making your own Easter themed decorations by mixing up some salt dough and moulding it into egg shapes or cutting shapes out using cookie cutters. Alternatively for a quicker, mess-free alternative try cutting egg shapes out of recycled cardboard and painting or sticking on your own decorations.

Make sure to create a small hole in your decorations for hanging, using a hole punch with cardboard or a straw to poke through your salt dough.  Once they are finished, thread some colourful ribbons, pipe cleaners or wool through the hole and tie to hang on your sticks to create your very own family Easter tree!


2. Create A Mindful Easter Wreath

With all the change that has happened over the last 12 months, it's easy to forget the impact the pandemic has had on our little ones. This Easter break, why not create your own mindful Easter wreath as a family, a wonderful way to encourage everyone to share their thoughts and feelings.

Cut a wide ring out of recycled cardboard by drawing around 2 different sized dinner plates, one sitting inside of the other. Cut small Spring shapes out of different coloured card, we used eggs and butterflies, making sure there are enough shapes to cover your cardboard ring.

Give each family member a few of the small card shapes and encourage everyone to write down a wish or memory - perhaps something they would like to do during the Easter break (Covid permitting!) or a cherished memory from a past family day out or Easter holiday. Everyone is then able to glue their shape onto the wreath as you all plan how you can recreate those feelings of fun this Spring.


3. Send A Homemade Photo Card

Behind every little one's homemade card is a grandparent with a big smile on their face! As many of us have been missing family members over the past few years, there's no better time to craft a homemade card and show them how much you care.

Try creating your own DIY Photo Card by taking an A4 piece of card folded in half. Draw and cut out an egg shape (it doesn't have to be perfect, it's all part of the homemade charm!) from the front cover of your card. Find a photo of your minis with their grandparents, aunties or loved ones depending on who you are sending it to and sellotape it onto the inside of the card cover so the picture shows through your egg. Decorate with alphabet stickers to create a Happy Easter message, sign and send!

If you don't have a photo trying taking another A5 piece of card instead and gluing lengths of coloured ribbon horizontally onto one side. Secure that instead to the back of your card cover so the ribbon shows through on the front, to give the effect of a painted Easter egg.


4. Host An Eco Bonnet Parade

Remember the Easter bonnet parades? Try kicking off your own family contest by challenging each person (or team if younger children need some help) to create their own eco friendly bonnet using old hats and recycled materials.

Perhaps you have an old dress up cowboy hat or baseball cap which could be revamped using cotton wool, old pillowcases and pom poms! Who wins the prizes for the most inventive creations?


5. The Alternative Egg Hunt

There's only so much chocolate one kid can eat, so instead of the classic egg hunt try testing your minis' skills with some alternative Easter hunts. You could try a treasure hunt where they are encouraged to find clues around the home, each clue leading to the next location with a prize at the end.

For younger children, perhaps the clues could take the form of flashcards, where they must search for certain coloured objects or toys beginning with a different letter of the alphabet. Alternatively, try and find some hollow egg shapes when you are doing your weekly shop and hide toys inside which they have to hunt for around the house or garden.

DIY Easter Tree   Homemade Mindful Paper Easter Wreath   Child Writing On Their Mindful Homemade Easter Wreath   Homemade Rainbow Easter Cards

For lots more play ideas to inspire your mini play at home this Easter, check out the new Spring and Easter play packs in store or check out the 30 Days Of Play article section full of play ideas in our online magazine.