7 Must-Read Half Term Activities

7 Must-Read Half Term Activities

7 Must-Read Half Term Activities

Half term is just around the corner and whether you're managing to jet off to sunnier climes for the first time in a long time, or are having fun at home.. we've selected our pick of 7 of the best boredom busting activities to keep little minds and hands busy this half term holiday.


1. Get Crafty

We do love a craft at Casa Brown and what better time than the school holidays to get creative! If you don't have a stocked craft cupboard, a handy kit has everything you need included, simply add glue and/or tape. Choose to make a Unicorn Headband 🦄 Superhero Cape 🦸‍♀️ or Pom Pom Animal Friends 🐤  and with new spooky wand kits added for Halloween 🎃 you can entertain the minis and get your creepy costume accessories all sewn up in one!

2. Nature Play

Bug pots 🐜 for Autumnal walks, a magnifying glass 🔍 to look at nature treasures and some crayons to do some bark & leaf rubbings 🌳 ... Autumn is a wonderful time to wrap up, get outside and soak up all the season's natural wonders with your minis. We love to get inspiration for nature play from our Woodland Explorer Box or ideas from books such as The Big Book of 100 Outdoor Activities and Forest School Adventure

3. Baking Sweet Treats

After playing outdoors there's nothing more satisfying than cosying up under a blanket with a hot chocolate and some freshly baked goodies! If, like us, you're not a pro in the kitchen then reach for a ready made baking kit and let someone else do the hard work for you. We love Craft & Crumb for Halloween themed cookie kits 🍪 and monster slime popcorn 🍿 or the The Bottled Baking Co for cookie, brownie & cake baking so easy you can do with your eyes closed 👀

4. Travel Journaling

If you're lucky enough to be jetting off to sunnier climbs for the first time in a long time this half term, perhaps encourage your little people to start a travel journal. The Little Writing Company has two wonderful options - the Let's Travel travel journal and the Time To Travel travel notebook - which both encourage creativity, keep little hands and brains busy on long journeys and help children cherish their

5. Activity Books

Alternatively if you're planning a staycation, pack some activity books to keep minis busy on long journeys 🚗 The Great British Staycation Activity Book makes for some wonderful entertainment, with 50 activities and quizzes there are plenty of facts to learn about the people, animals and places of the British Isles to bring your mini break to life.

6. Treasure Hunts

If you are planning a staycay, why not create your own scavenger hunt or discover some hidden secrets about your holiday destination with your very own treasure hunt. From young detectives 🕵️‍♀️ to budding spies, Treasure Trails offer nationwide treasure hunts challenging anyone with a sense of adventure (from big & little kids to adults who never grew up!) with mind-twisting clues and fascinating stories. The perfect addition to a fun family day out!

7. Living Room Dance Party

Bring the party atmosphere whether it's Halloween yet or not by hosting a family living room disco 🕺 Music, face paints, temporary tattoos, musical chairs, cheese & pineapple hedgehogs... and who doesn't feel better after a boogie round the coffee table. For added brownie points, watch their faces light up as you build a homegrown soft play by piling the sofa cushions or a mattress onto the floor and asking them to play!


Discover more boredom busting play & learning ideas in store our in our magazine including 5 Ways To Burn Off Their Energy Indoors and 5 Ways To Learn Through Messy Play. You can also find play ideas, craft activities, cookalongs and more by following us on Instagram @mamabrownandco or checking out our You Tube channel. Happy Holidays!