30 DAYS OF PLAY : Express Yourself

30 DAYS OF PLAY : Express Yourself

30 DAYS OF PLAY : Express Yourself

We might be isolated but you're not alone... ready or not, this is our opportunity to turn off distractions and embrace some family time, and we're here to help you! Take the opportunity to play with your minis, reconnect as a family, have fun with them, learn with them, be silly with them. Remember what it was like to be a child and rediscover the joy of play. 

We're here to bring you a whole host of ideas to fill the next 30 days and beyond with playful activities. You'll find tips on learning through play, activity ideas and ways to keep the family fun alive no matter how long you're at home for... who's with us?!

Check out our ideas below to help feed their creativity and get everyone expressing themselves. Remember all our activities are parent-friendly too, don't let them minis have all the fun!


E X P R E S S   Y O U R S E L F

  • M I N D F U L N E S S : Practice gratitude as a family each day. Talk to your minis about what they are enjoying at home. Whilst we're all in such close company try to forgive quickly, give each other space, and take deep breaths... you've got this! from Little Crystal Minds
  • D E A R   D I A R Y : Encourage older children to keep a diary of their lockdown adventures ; encourage them to journal about how they are feeling, what kind of things you are doing as a family and perhaps try to do the same ; how life is different to normal - what a wonderful record book for you all to look back on in years to come!
  • T I M E   C A P S U L E : Younger children might want to create a time capsule to look back on. Take a box (a shoe box would work) and put in things that will help them to remember this time, perhaps a rainbow picture they drew or an Easter card from a grandparent. If you need some help to get started try using these worksheets.
  • A N I M A L   C H A R A D E S : Choose an animal and act out their actions to the rest of the family without speaking, whoever guesses correctly takes the next turn.
  • F A S H I O N   P A R A D E : Raid everything from the dressing up box to mum & dad’s wardrobe and put on a fashion show.
  • R A I N B O W   E Y E   S P Y : Draw a rainbow picture and stick it in your window at home to join the biggest national game of eye spy! 
    • C H A L K   D R A W I N G S : Leave your mark on pavements, driveways or walls, once it rains you can start over!
    • P E N   P A L : Write a letter, send a card or draw a picture and send it to a pen pal ; it might be a Grandparent, a school pal, a nursery teacher or a neighbour ; try starting a pen pal chain among your classmates and see what you receive back through the post.
    • R U B B I N G S  &  P R I N T S : Create crayon rubbings or paint stamps using leaves, bark and different textures around the house & garden.
    • P A S T E   P A I N T : Mix flour & water together to make a paste paint and create your masterpiece.
    • F I N E   A R T : Re-imagine the work of a famous artist by recreating one of their most famous works. We love Picasso abstract art, Matisse cut outs, Kandinsky Concentric Circles and Paul Klee's block painting. Ditch the paint brushes and get creative with your art tools!
    • M A K E   M U S I C : Encourage clapping, tapping and shaking instruments to the beat or counting out the beats and rhyming or singing along.
    • W A T E R   P A I N T : Paint with water outside on walls, floor, tiles or ‘decorate’ a cardboard box with water mixed with food colourings. Once it has dried simply start again.
    • C A R  W A S H : Add washing up liquid to water inside a container and create a car wash using old sponges, old toothbrushes & scrubbing brushes... even better, get them to help you wash your actual car and tick a job of the grown up to do list!
    • W A T E R   P L A Y : Add food colouring to water to create different colours and try matching coloured toys to the water colour ; have more than one container and see if they can arrange the coloured toys into the correct water colour ; try guessing which objects will float and sink and discuss weight and measurement, heavy and light, long and short, large and small objects.
    • D I Y   J I G S A W : Draw or paint your own picture, then when it's dry turn the paper over and section it into jigsaw pieces using a pen - cut along the lines and see if you can put it back together.
    • J U N K   M O D E L L I N G : Transform your recycling into musical instruments, space rockets & puppet shows.
    • I N T E R V I E W : Take a notebook and write some interview questions, call a family member or friend who you would like to ask for their answers. Perhaps you could ask a grandparent or elderly neighbour (over the phone) about their likes and dislikes or their childhood for a profile in your mini magazine!

      Discover our ideas for Character Play, Active Play, Making & Building and Digital Play to keep your days varied and their minds active whilst at home.

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