30 DAYS OF PLAY : Character Play

30 DAYS OF PLAY : Character Play

30 DAYS OF PLAY : Character Play

We might be isolated but you're not alone... ready or not, this is our opportunity to turn off distractions and embrace some family time, and we're here to help you! Take the opportunity to play with your minis, reconnect as a family, have fun with them, learn with them, be silly with them. Remember what it was like to be a child and rediscover the joy of play. 

We're here to bring you a whole host of ideas to fill the next 30 days and beyond with playful activities. You'll find tips on learning through play, activity ideas and ways to keep the family fun alive no matter how long you're at home for... who's with us?!

Who has heard a million pleas to play Mummies and Daddies already this week? If you are fresh out of character ideas and plot lines, check out our list with everything from firefighters to explorers and imagine your own story.


C H A R A C T E R  P L A Y 

  • F I R E F I G H T E R S : Put out pretend fires with water sprayers ; rescue soft toys from trees or pretend burning buildings.
  • F A R M : Set up the play with animals, mud & leaves, tractor & farmer ; encourage discussion and thought around a day at the farm, what jobs might the farmer need to do (feeding, cleaning out, collecting eggs, riding horses, milking cows).
  • S P A : Set up your bathroom with towels, throw some 'plinky plunky' music on Spotify and bring the spa treatment home... heaven knows we could all use a hand massage with some E45 right about now!
  • S H O P S : Use a toy till or create a pretend till with a cardboard box ; play with an old purse or wallet and old receipts ; use shopping bags, tins or recycled packets (washed out) ; count out the money ; stack the shelves ; play customer & shop keeper characters.
  • D O C T O R S   &   H O S P I T A L S : Use plasters, soft toys as patients ; character play as doctor & patient in surgery ; perform a health check ; prescribe medicines ; perform emergency surgery.
  • B U I L D E R S : Make cement from play sand and shaving foam ; add constructions vehicles to create a building site ; build walls using play cement and toy bricks ; build a construction site on your play table using our construction playdough busy bag.
  • T R A V E L : Train journey character play as the train guard, ticket collector & passengers ; use old train tickets, soft toys as passengers, bag or suitcase packed for a journey or holiday ; write a Travel Journal about where they have been or where they want to go.
  • P I R A T E S : Pretend a rug or carpeted area is your ship, or sit in a cardboard box as your boat - try to avoid the shark infested waters around you ; draw a treasure map and hide some 'treasure' underneath an X marks the spot.
  • H O M E   C O R N E R : Play as a family unit ; how many unique family units can they think of ; design their characters using the Carddies Family One and Family Two colour and play sets.
  • K N I G H T S : Create a castle using a den or cardboard box, make a plan to fight off the dragon ; draw a battle plan ; design your castle characters using your Knights colour and play set.
  • S U P E R H E R O E S : Morph into your favourite superhero and see who can save the day ; design a comic featuring your superhero character ; which superpowers does your hero have ; do they wear a mask or a crown, carry a wand or water pistol?!
  • B O O K   D A Y : Remember the joy they found in creating an outfit for World Book Day? Don't let all your hard work go to waste, instead try holding you very own book day from home and re-imagine your costume to enjoy the fun all over again. Perhaps spend that day doing book themed activities based on your favourite characters... could you make Gruffalo biscuits, go on a Bear Hunt round your house or garden, or write an invite to the birthday party in Rabbit's Nap?
  • C H E F S : Sieve rice & flour ; empty and fill pots & pans ; measure out ingredients on scales ; create an outdoor mud kitchen ; prepare family meals together (chop, weight, sieve, smell & discuss ingredients) ; use our bread recipe or Family Recipe Box from Mummy's Little Chef to practice their chef skills.
  • A S T R O N A U T S : Journey to the moon in your space rocket ; discuss how astronauts might live on the International space station ; what do they eat, how do they exercise, what work do they do ; craft a jet pack by taping recycled bottles to an old cardboard box.
  • S C H O O L S : Character play as teacher & pupils ; ideal for sibling play as classmates or teacher & student ; plan your lessons ; design a points scoring system which could be used while you're home schooling ; use the play to do some hand writing practice with younger pre schoolers and early years learners or grammar skills with older school age children.
  • E X P L O R E R S : Journey back to the Jurassic period and walk with dinosaurs ; what might you need to pack in your explorer kit ; what protective clothing or emergency supplies might you need.
  • M E C H A N I C : Fix toy cars with a tool kit ; what vehicles might come into the mechanic's garage ; what tools might they need to fix them.
  • C I R C U S : Can they clown around in a circus show ; create circus themed obstacle course ; use a ribbon to section off a circus ring ; character play as circus performers, ring master, audience.
  • D E S I G N   A   S T O R Y  : Try giving the minis a choice of character and plot line so they get to pick a different combination each time and see what weird and wonderful stories you can imagine together ; design and write a story using your favourite characters and your storywriting activity book.

Discover our ideas for Creative Play, Making & Building, Active Play and Digital Play to keep your days varied and their minds and bodies active whilst at home.

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