30 DAYS OF PLAY : Active Play

30 DAYS OF PLAY : Active Play

30 DAYS OF PLAY : Active Play

We might be isolated but you're not alone... ready or not, this is our opportunity to turn off distractions and embrace some family time, and we're here to help you! Take the opportunity to play with your minis, reconnect as a family, have fun with them, learn with them, be silly with them. Remember what it was like to be a child and rediscover the joy of play. 

We're here to bring you a whole host of ideas to fill the next 30 days and beyond with playful activities. You'll find tips on learning through play, activity ideas and ways to keep the family fun alive no matter how long you're at home for... who's with us?!

Whether your minis have the energy of a Duracell bunny or need some encouragement to get moving, we have pulled together a host of active play ideas that will burn off their energy and get the whole family on their feet!


A C T I V E   P L A Y

  • B O W L I N G : Fill recycled plastic bottles with water, find a ball and try to knock them down.
  • D R A G O N   T A I L : To play this game, start by giving each child an old sock to tuck into a back pocket or waistband (their "tail") The object of the game is to grab other players' dragon tail without losing your own. Any player who loses a tail must sit down, but if another player passes close enough, the tail-less player can grab himself a new tail and re-enter the game.
  • H O P S C O T C H : Draw the board out with chalk on a driveway, path or patio, find a stone and start hopping!
  • O B S T A C L E   C O U R S E : Set up a course with gym activities (star jumps, running, throwing into a target, pegging a washing line) and a timed element for older children.
  • B U B B L E - I C I O U S : Put socks on your hands, then blow bubbles and let them try to catch them. Try passing bubbles between you all, how long can you keep it going before it pops? If you run out of bubble solution simply replace it with washing up liquid diluted with water.
  • T R E A S U R E   H U N T : Hide objects around the house and garden for the minis to find and let them do the same for you ; for older children write little clues, collect and inspect bugs with a magnifying glass or binoculars ; to practice literacy and colour recognition create a Letter or Colour Treasure Hunt where everything hidden starts with a given letter or is a certain colour ; encourage siblings to work as a team and find the treasure in the quickest time possible! To play remotely with family members, arrange a video call and decide who is the host each time - that person decides what then others have to race off and find!
  • Y O G A : Practice your favourite yoga poses to stretch out their muscles and their mind. We love the Cosmic Kids Yoga You Tube channel which is full of fun children's yoga videos to get help everyone aged 3 and above feel stronger and calmer.
  • S C A V E N G E R   H U N T : Make a list of items you might find inside or outside the house and go on a hunt to find them. Throw on their all in one, take a container for your finds and tick your finds off a list when they have been discovered. If you don't want to think up your own we love the Snackzilla hunt which can find here and is all ready to play.
  • A N I M A L   R A C E S : Hop like kangaroos, jump like frogs, waddle like ducks... what animal actions can the minis think of?
  • K E E P Y   U P P Y : Have a go at keeping a soft foam ball in the air with your knees, hands, feet... or try with balloons to make the game last longer and include younger children. Draw faces on your balloons to create keepy uppy characters!
  • T I N   C A N   A L L E Y : Throw a ball at recycled tins or toys on a wall and try to knock them down.
  • T W E E Z E R S : Use tweezers to move small objects from one box to another ; race against your minis or among siblings ; try posting small objects into recycled tubes with them. For younger children try using larger kitchen tongs.
  • D A N C E   P A R T Y : Turn up the tunes, hang some bunting, add a glitter ball or disco light and throw some shapes! Birthdays in isolation are sure to be different, but whether you're celebrating a special day or not there is always time to party. Join the Lockdown Kitchen Disco group on Facebook and Instagram to dance along with other families every day at 6pm.
  • T A R G E T   P R A C T I C E : Draw chalk shapes onto a wall and try and aim at them with beanbags or a water gun.

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